Arm-V Pro



The kit includes:
Arm-V pro
control wire
T-connector (pair)
set of heat shrinkable tubes for installing T-connector and control wire
Manual and software can be downloaded

Arm-V pro is an electronic key for gun with a classic contact block, which opens mechanically in single fire mode (99% of AEG on the market have such a contact block). You will get a tactical advantage thanks to instant response when you pull the trigger, stable and reliable operation of the gearbox in all modes, and you can also:
– Set up a short queue in semi or in automatic mode;
– Adjust spring pre-cocking and get an instant shot when you pull the trigger;
– Control and measure the rate of fire of your gun;
– Remove the inertia of the motor and get stable operation of the gearbox with the active brake on.
Arm-V pro controls the operation of the gearbox and protects against motor jamming, short circuit and controls the battery charge. Arm-V pro can be configured via the built-in LED display, but it is more convenient to do this by connecting to a computer using an Arm-V usb adapter (not included). The ability to diagnose the drive when connected to a PC will make it clear in time about the need to do maintenance.

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