Arm-V Desire V3



Arm-V Desire V3 third generation.

The manual and software can be downloaded here.

Arm-V Desire V3 is an electronic control unit for gearboxes with version 3 gearboxes (AK and BCC series, G36 and AUG) and wiring output under the receiver cover. You will gain a tactical advantage thanks to instant response when you pull the trigger, stable and reliable operation of the gearbox in all modes, and you will also be able to:
– Set up a short queue on a single player or in automatic mode;
– Turn on the 4th fire switch mode by setting a short burst in it, while maintaining the fuse, loner and automatic fire modes;
– Adjust the preload of the spring and get an instant shot when you pull the trigger;

– Achieve ultra-high sensitivity of the trigger so that it works at the first touch;
– Adjust and measure the rate of fire of your drive;
– Remove the inertia of the motor and get a stable operation of the gearbox with the active brake on.
The Arm-V Desire V3 controls the fire switch using optical sensors. Now he will be responsible for the operation of different modes, and the mechanics that were responsible for this earlier are removed from the gearbox. Protection against motor jamming, short circuit and battery charge control will make the drive work reliable. The ability to diagnose the drive when connected to a PC will make it clear in time about the need to do maintenance. To configure, diagnose and receive updates, you need to connect Arm-V Desire V3 to your computer using an Arm-V usb adapter (not included).

Arm-V Desire V3 is not compatible with gearboxes from:

G&G fits into the gearbox without modifications, but the wiring does not fit in the drive housing


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